The Freshmaker!


We’ve had intermittent internet access here the past few days due to the basement remodeling going on in addition to the holiday, so I haven’t been able to update the blog as much as I’d like to. This evening, we did something I have been wanting to do a long time…the Mentos Diet Coke Geyser Trick! It was easy and fun and no one lost a finger!


Miss Saucy and her pigtails!



The formerly fat 30 pound cat is taking a self nap…


And this amazing little guy is now three months old! How did this happen? How is he already a quarter of a year old? NO WAY! He is sitting up in the Bumbo chair, can hold his head up pretty well, likes to sit and watch the people around him, coos and “talks”, laughes and smiles. Started drooling which makes me think he will get his first teeth at four months like his brother and sister did. Happy, happy, little fellow. Such a joy to have in our lives!




End of August

The last week of August has brought a lot of activity to our house, back to school, baseball game, cereal and a little girl who likes to scoot backwards!

First day of school – Montessori morning preschool 3-6 class
Trying rice cereal for the first time – loved it!
Hanging out in my swing, just being cute!
I-Cubs game for Dad’s work
Beautiful night at the ballpark
Check it out – 2011 4-A baseball state champs!
7th inning sleep

Fair Fun

Going to the Iowa State Fair is almost required of Iowa residents so we fulfilled our obligation on Tuesday with our cousins…
No 80s nostalgia would be complete without Bigfoot!

Alex with a wood sculpture of a farmer

This is one of the two big food crazes at the Fair this year: red velvet funnel cake. The other is the fried butter on a stick, which we did not try!

All of the cousins with Grandma!

First a corndog, now some cotton candy!

Looks like someone is trying to negotiate a piece of cotton candy!

Petting a new baby calf

World’s Smallest Bull

Checking out some pigs
Sitting in a Hummer

At the Iowa National Guard tent

One last treat before we left!

Baptism Weekend

We were very fortunate to be joined by friends and family for the baptism of our daughter and her cousins. Four children from the same family, and the deacon who baptized them taught every single one of us in high school. We were honored to have Becky and Caleb and Morgan and Jimmy as Greer’s godparents and we thank them for their love and support.


Grandpa Jim and all of his great grandkids!

Four generations with a little Hennig lady!

Last two photos are courtesy of my sister’s blog –

Lots of stuff…

Miss G

Where did she get those long, skinny toes?

Alex finished his flag football at the Y – here he is getting his participation medal. He had a good time and can’t wait to do it again in the fall.

We finished up swim lessons at the Y this week. Alex did very well and we are already signed up to take some private lessons this summer to start working on our strokes.

Last Friday, we had a field trip to the nature center at Raccoon River Park. We got to pet Mr. Butters the rabbit, Becky the Box Turtle (who is apparently about the same age as me), and plant a sunflower seed. The weather cooperated and the kids got to play at the park afterwards. Tomorrow is the last day of school for the year, and it’s hard to believe it wraps up two years of Montessori for Alex. He will have one more year in the same classroom and then it is off to…get ready…kindergarten!