Alex finishes his first year of school tomorrow, and in honor of the occassion, I took a picture of him out on the deck similar to the one I took his first day of school. One big difference – the saddle shoes he wore had to be shoved on amid protests of “these shoes are too tight!”. Probably the reason for the grumpy expression on his face, and no, he did not wear them to school.

Sniff, sniff, I’m kinda sad to think how much he has grown, but even more upset that those cute shoes don’t fit anymore…and I don’t think they make them in bigger sizes! 🙂


Garden Planting Time

We planned and planted our vegetable garden last weekend, and plenty of “Lars Banned” substances were included!

First box
Top left to right – Big Boy tomato, Fourth of July tomato, cherry tomato, pumpkin
Next row – yellow zuccini, acorn squash, okra, cantelope
Next row – basil, lavender, oregano, strawberries
Bottom row – jalapeno peppers, red bell peppers, spicy yellow wax peppers, strawberries

Second box
Top left to right – sweet corn, green beans, sugar snap peas
Next row – cucumbers, brussel sprouts, purple eggplant, broccoli
Next row -yellow onions, cabbage, watermelon
Bottom row – stevia, rosemary, yellow squash, green bell peppers

Boston lettuce was planted all along the edges of both boxes.

Not to be outdone by the grown-up garden, Alex got a Sesame Street gardening kit with watermelon seeds to plant. We are keeping track of the plants and their progress. Jerry Kluver, eat your heart out!