Summertime randomness

Science center – trip 1 of 2 so far this summer

Chicken rings from White Castle

Pool time!

Swimming Greery

Cheeseburger cake for the dads



“Dad is great…gives us chocolate cake!”


Dads. They kind of get left out of a big chunk of becoming a parent. It’s not their fault that they will never get to experience pregnancy, the little movements and kicks of the life growing inside of you, the morning sickness, the rush of hormones that make you excited one moment, freaked out the next. Giving birth, nursing a baby. All of those things they have to experience as a bystander.

Dads more than make up for it, though. They get to do the “fun” things. Like taking a child out to run errands, and surprising them with a special toy. Keep stashes of caps on hand for the cap gun. Put “additions” onto the tree house. Demonstrate how to whistle through your fingers. Provide that magic touch that makes a childhood special and memorable. Moms tend to get preoccupied with the basic day-to-day of childrearing, while dads bring the sparkle to it. And that’s what makes them so special, so appreciated and so loved.