Another Month Bites the Dust…

I’ve sorely neglected this as we’ve been busy, busy busy! My weekends are jam-packed full of projects.

We’re both into our second months at our jobs which are going well. I have more than enough home-improvement magazines to keep me busy and inspired. Right now my latest project is building a headboard for the non-existent queen size bed we are going to eventually put in the guest room. I have an image of guests parking their aero-beds under the headboard I’m working on. Mattress and box spring are on the list of furniture to buy.

Speaking of furniture, we’ve hit the jackpot with it in the past month. We purchased a bedroom set, dining room set, armoire (French for “fancy TV stand”), and this darling couch, ottoman and oversized chair set for the front room. We’re set – other than getting a couple mattresses for the guest rooms…NO MORE! We are quite anxious to get the bedroom stuff, as it was supposed to arrive in 3-5 weeks, it’s seven weeks now and it may take another week to get here. Our room is in eternal painting mode, as we painted the MB about a month ago and are too lazy to move the furniture back, figuring we’ll have to move it out anyway when the new stuff arrives. In honor of that, here is a picture of our bedroom in its current unkempt state:

Note what is sitting on the nightstand – our obect d’art:

The tin of Kodiak adds a certain touch of class to the picture, no? I have to find the perfect place to put the frogs on of these days…
And the Link-ster, we both swear that he has lost a few pounds – he’s looking more spry and is definitely a happy fellow. It’s been hellishly hot out the past two weeks, so he and the Bel have been waiting until we get home to go out in the evening when it cools off.