"Tails" of the Tape…

In this corner, we have a 9-year-old cat from Qingdao, China.
Weight: 33 pounds
Waist: 31 inches
Length: ??? – this one I’d like to know, I have a feeling that cat is much shorter.
Age: 9 years old
Eats: 6 pounds of meat daily
Nickname: “Monster Cat”

Representing the US of A, Lincoln from Des Moines, Iowa.
Weight: approx. 30 pounds
Waist: 28.5 inches
Length: 22 inches
Age: approx. 6 years old
Eats: 1 1/2 cups of Iams lite cat food daily, (plus whatever Belden pukes up during the day)
Nickname: “Cats Domino”

Some more comparison shots:

Lincoln can at least jump about three feet up to reach our bed, so he’s not as out of shape as that cat. Plus that guy holding him probably weighs like 90 pounds.

All You Need is Luck…

So we, or really, I, thought it would be “cute” to get a Valentine’s Day picture of the entire Hennig Zoo. Especially with the gang wearing their festive gear. Just set up the camera with a 10 second delay, point and click, run to chair and grab hissing gray cat, run over to couch with wriggling, growling gray cat (who also has a full set of finely sharpened claws), keep oversized cat perched on the ottoman, make the dog sit up and not lay down, and then get the critters to look up and ahead at a blank wall…no problem.

Take 1…Relax Matt, It’s Fun!

Take 2…The Flying Biscuit Prop

Take 3…Well, At Least the Bipeds Look Nice

Take 4…Here Comes Another Milkbone

Take 5…Animals 5, Humans 0

Well, in theory it was a good idea, but much harder to execute even with handfuls of Pounce treats and Milkbones.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Superbowl Sunday…

I don’t look at this as Superbowl XL as much as a Superbowl XX 20th Anniversary Celebration.

Seahawks, Steelers…so what! It’s all about DA BEARS…I’m not talking Grossman and Muhammed and Urlacher, it’s McMahon, Wilson and Dent (and Singletary and Gault and Butthead and Mongo and hell, even Gary Fencik). The best NFL team EVAH!

In January 1986 (back when they used to play the Superbowl in late January) as a 5th grader in downstate Illinois I had the entire ’85 Bears roster memorized along with the words to the Superbowl Shuffle. We made posters for the Superbowl party drawn in crayon and we watched the celebration ticker tape parade in Chicago a few days later on WGN. Ah, good times.

From the Tribune in honor of the 1986 Superbowl Champs Bears Story

So I raise my beer in honor of the 1986 Superbowl Champions, from a certain city dat starts wit’ a ‘C’, ends in an ‘O’ and has a ‘HICAG’ in da middle. Bear down!