Sushi Balloon

We went to a Japanese teppinaki-style restaurant tonight for dinner and figured Alex would get a kick out of the show they put on. Er, not really. He was much more taken with the kids birthday party going on at the table across from us. One of the parents was really nice and brought him a piece of birthday cake and a balloon animal dog. Eventually, it unraveled and we tried to coax it into the number “3”. As you can see, it didn’t really work. But it still means Christmas is right around the corner!

Ho, Ho, Ho, Candy Cane Joe- Joe’s

Seriously the best treat we have had this holiday season is the Candy Cane Joe Joe cookie! Made by Trader Joe’s, it’s basically an Oreo-type cookie with crushed bits of real peppermint in the cream. Grandma G brought a box on her visit last weekend and we have been munching away ever since. And what better way to honor it than by making it into an eight for the calendar? Now, if we just had some eggnog to dunk it in!