That’s not my name…

Lincoln, the cat who was once large and in charge, and the inspiration for the name of this blog, is no more.

Don’t worry, he’s still alive, but a shell of his former fat self. He was about 16 pounds when I got him over 10 years ago (May 2002). During that first year he ballooned to over 30 pounds, eventually topping out at 37 at his heaviest.

He weighed 24 pounds last summer, after going from 36 to 32 the previous summer. Blood work was done, and the vet couldn’t find anything wrong with him to account for his big weight loss.

He’s between 12-13 years old now, and is a friendly, calm presence in our home.

The heat is on…

We had a hot, but happy 4th!
Our little firecrackers – Sparkplug and Spitfire!
Matt demonstrates proper firework protocol.

I want you…to celebrate ‘Murika!

On Friday, it was another broiler, so we went to Science Center. WHO Channel 13 does its noon broadcast from there occasionally, so we squeezed into the first live weather report!


Here is the video I shot:

Here is the clip on WHO’s site (Alex appears in the last part because we were walking into the exhibit as they were filming): WHO at the Science Center 7/6/12



Then it was onto Bauder’s Pharmacy on Ingersoll, which has been around since 1922. They feature hand-made ice cream and an old-fashioned soda fountain.


Strawberry ice cream in a sugar cone!


Getting the soda fountain counter experience!