Live long and prosper!

Greer is mesmerized by the nerdament display

Conversation at our house this morning:

Me: “OK, let’s get those nerdaments, I mean, ornaments turned on and under Alex’s tree.”

Matt: “Alright, I’m plugging them in.”

A jumble of flashing lights, talking voices, phaser sounds ensue.

Me: “Wow, that sounds like the inside of a Star Trek convention, or what I imagine it would because I would never, ever set foot inside of one…”

I proceed to drape the nerdaments* (be sure to read the story about the nerdaments) under the tree and set up the Klingon sign for the number 10.

Matt: “Hey, you can’t have the Star Wars ornament next to the Klingon sign!”

Me: “What’s the difference? They are basically the same thing!”

Matt: “They don’t speak Klingon in any of the Star Wars movies. Here, put the USS Enterprise ornament over there so Star Trek is properly represented.”

Me: “Oh, I forgot, the fan base for Star Wars is soooo much cooler than the Trekkies/Trekkers, they don’t need to invent a fake language for their fans to speak in.”

Matt: “No, but some of them DID invent a Star Wars religion, which is just as creepy!”

Me: “Touche. Now, set your phasers to stun!”

*Awhile back, I coined the term “Nerdaments” to accurately describe these lovelies. You can read about it here.

Alex’s table: where Star Wars and Star Trek co-exist peacefully

“Luke, I am your Secret Santa!”

Yeah…that’s the number 10 in Klingon. Don’t ask where I found it, because I never, ever, plan to boldly go there again!

Hang Those Nerdaments…

We did get a Christmas tree – a lovely $10 special from Menards that is only slightly lopsided. Oh, and we had to hack about a foot-and-a-half off of it, so it ended up only being 6 feet instead of the glorious 10 foot tree I originally envisioned with the high ceilings in the entry/front room. Ah, well, there’s always next year and it turned out really nice:

But that’s not where the decorating ends. We had to spruce up the fireplace as well…

Yes, there are stockings up there. Yes, there is garland, and a red reindeer (we found it in front of Matt’s old apartment and ended keeping it a few years ago) and yes, there are red lights. But there is more, much more, nestled deep within the faux greens you see. I think we need to take a closer look:

YES! We have a Star Wars Hallmark Nerdament. The word “ornament” just doesn’t quite fit, as these splendid decorations do not just merely hang, they emit light and sound, bringing sheer delight to all those within their presence. And in case you were worried that the Star Wars Nerdament family was hogging the spotlight:

Beam me up, Scotty! Star Trek is representin’! We roughly estimate Matt has amassed a collection of about 20 of these beauties. For a long time, he would get them every year for Christmas. And yes, I did offer to have them hang on the tree, but he found it really hard to get them even attached to the strands of lights (they need power, nerd power, in order to work, you see), so it was easier to “showcase” them on our mantle.

Hey, it beats having a leg lamp!