Just Zoo It!

Hello 80s, hello zoo!

Big boy!

Sassy girlie!

Lazy lioness


Alex and his auntie



Fair Fun

Going to the Iowa State Fair is almost required of Iowa residents so we fulfilled our obligation on Tuesday with our cousins…
No 80s nostalgia would be complete without Bigfoot!

Alex with a wood sculpture of a farmer

This is one of the two big food crazes at the Fair this year: red velvet funnel cake. The other is the fried butter on a stick, which we did not try!

All of the cousins with Grandma!

First a corndog, now some cotton candy!

Looks like someone is trying to negotiate a piece of cotton candy!

Petting a new baby calf

World’s Smallest Bull

Checking out some pigs
Sitting in a Hummer

At the Iowa National Guard tent

One last treat before we left!

Baptism Weekend

We were very fortunate to be joined by friends and family for the baptism of our daughter and her cousins. Four children from the same family, and the deacon who baptized them taught every single one of us in high school. We were honored to have Becky and Caleb and Morgan and Jimmy as Greer’s godparents and we thank them for their love and support.


Grandpa Jim and all of his great grandkids!

Four generations with a little Hennig lady!

Last two photos are courtesy of my sister’s blog – jamesandmorgan.blogspot.com