Lots of stuff…

Miss G

Where did she get those long, skinny toes?

Alex finished his flag football at the Y – here he is getting his participation medal. He had a good time and can’t wait to do it again in the fall.

We finished up swim lessons at the Y this week. Alex did very well and we are already signed up to take some private lessons this summer to start working on our strokes.

Last Friday, we had a field trip to the nature center at Raccoon River Park. We got to pet Mr. Butters the rabbit, Becky the Box Turtle (who is apparently about the same age as me), and plant a sunflower seed. The weather cooperated and the kids got to play at the park afterwards. Tomorrow is the last day of school for the year, and it’s hard to believe it wraps up two years of Montessori for Alex. He will have one more year in the same classroom and then it is off to…get ready…kindergarten!


Newborn no more…

Our little Greer is not so little. Earlier this week, I noticed that the newborn size clothes were getting a little snug. I had to pull all of them out of the dresser and closet, which made me a little sad to think she is already growing and changing. On the bright side, there were not many newborn things to begin with, as we have a tendency to have big babies and know that 0-3 months is the way to go with our newborns!

School goes to the dogs…

Today was Alex’s day to bring in something for Show-n-Tell at school. At first, he said he wanted to bring his favorite Transformer in, but the teachers had said no toys. We told him that Otto would be great to take to school instead, and he grudingly agreed. After talking a bit about him, what he likes, what kind of dog he is, and such, we were ready for his big day. Matt practiced some of Otto’s tricks, I took him to the groomer so he would look extra spiffy.

He did great…other than some normal puppy excitement and massive shedding, Otto was a hit. The class also got to meet the newest member of our family, Miss Greer, and Alex was very happy. Here is a video of him explaining where German Shepherds are used.