How Could I Forget???

Best thing about moving here:

St. Louis Cardinals Baseball!!!

We get Fox Sports Midwest instead of FS Chicago!

It was a minor controversy here a few weeks ago when announced that the cable company was going to carry the Card games instead of Cubs games. After years of enduring Chip Carey on WGN I finally feel vindicated. My husband the Cub fan is amused to say the least. Iowa is really strange when it comes to baseball, Cub fans are the majority, due to location and the I-Cubs, but there are plenty of Twins, Royals and Card fans here as well.

Welcome to "Heaven"

We’re here…we’ve made it, and have survived two weeks in Iowa. West Des Moines, Iowa, to be exact. Within a week’s time we went house hunting, found the perfect place, put an offer on it and are closing the first week of May.

WOW…we’re still in a bit of shock over how quickly it’s happened!

The cats managed quite well on the trip from Chicago. They were in the backseat and pretty much stayed put the entire time. We stopped twice along the way, they were pretty calm and even slept a bit. Now they are adjusting to a less urban lifestyle along with their owners. I’ll have to get a scale and start weighing Lincoln on a weekly basis, but he and Belden are doing well.

In honor of our move, I’m putting together a quick list of what I miss about Chicago and what I like about Iowa…

What I miss:
Taking a 5 minute trip to Walgreens…it’s never 5 mintues, it’s always 30 minutes or more to get in the car, drive, park, etc. I have been so used to walking everywhere and planning my trips around short jaunts around the corner this is new for me. There are Walgreens here and it is vaugely comforting to roam around the store, having memorized the basic Walgreens layout from being in the city…takes me back to Chicago in an instant! I know exactly where to find everything.

Restaurants open later. If you don’t get out by 8 p.m. on a Friday or Saturday, you are going to be hard-pressed to find places that serve after 9 p.m. We like to dine later on the weekends and would frequently go out for dinner around 10 or so…not really an option anymore!

St. Clement’s – our old church. I attended services there for over 5 years and it was far and away the best Catholic church I have ever belonged to. We were married there, my husband was confirmed there, and we had hoped to have our first child baptized there. A wonderful church, well run and cared for with excellent people. We’ll be sure to stop there when we’re in Chicago to catch a Mass every now and then.

Working in the Loop. OK, my favorite part of my day would be getting off the CTA bus at Clark and Lake in the morning to walk to the office. I never got tired of looking at the buildings, the people, the bustle of the street. Usually there would be a stiff breeze of cool morning air hitting me as I stepped off the bus, I’d feel anticipation and excitement for the day ahead and mentally note tasks that needed to be accomplished first thing. Of course, the requisite trip to Starbucks was always top on my list for a tall coffee, and this leads me to another thing…

Lack of Starbucks! In the past few years, Starbucks has managed to infiltrate the greater Des Moines area, but they are still few and far between. I’ve been drinking my mom’s Folger’s for the past two weeks…

What I do like:

Space, space and more space! Lots of land everywhere! While there is quite the “unchecked urban sprawl” going on in WDM, it’s amazing that within 10 minutes you can find yourself out in the country on a gravel road. Very nice!

Parking…No more “Brian & Michael’s Towing” signs. Anyone who has lived in Chicago has seen those towing service signs. Plus “Das Boot” as in Denver, is no more!

No Daleys Here. OK, I don’t hate “Da Mare”, I found him amusing and fascinating at the same time, and he did manage to get stuff done in the city. Des Moines’ mayoral foibles cannot possibly compare…and that’s a good thing!