About the 30 pound cat…

When I started this blog back in March 2005, I was a somewhat-recently-married DINK with two cats living in a one-bedroom apartment in Chicago. We had made the decision to pack up and move to Iowa, which was where I lived before I went off to college.

At the time, we had two cats, rescued from the Chicago pound back in 2002. One cat, Lincoln, was over 30 pounds at the time, topping out at 36 pounds eventually. The other cat, Belden, was a more normal sized 12 pound cat. I thought it would be clever and funny to name the blog after “feline giganticus”.

Flash forward to now, we are a family of two kids, two parents, two cats, and a dog living in the low-key burbs of Des Moines, Iowa. Otto von Moritz the German Shepherd joined our family in January 2006, Young Master Alexander Matthew made his arrival on Thanksgiving Day 2006, and Little Lady Greer Elizabeth joined the clan in April 2011. The dearly beloved Belden left us in January 2010, and we added the cat Nanerpuss, or Nana, who prefers the basement to the rest of our house. Lincoln, like many senior cats tend to, lost a great deal of his weight over the last five years. Eventually, his age caught up to him, and he was reunited with his dear pal Belden in August, 2015. He was cherished as a part of our family, and greatly missed. While he is no longer here to grace our home with his friendly personality, his blog name lives on…

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