Merry Christmas!

Oh, the insanity! We had a wonderful, blessed Christmas. With everything going on in the world right now, it was nice to have a special day to experience joy, surprise, magic, family, generosity, compassion, and love.


Santa’s elves were up late on Christmas Eve/Christmas morning making sure that everything was ready for the little people living here.


Checking out her new kitchen


A dollhouse to play with!



Then it’s a quick check for the stockings and to make sure Santa and his reindeer tried our snacks. We headed over to Grandma and Grandpa’s to open presents with our cousins.


Cousins await the word to storm the tree!




No stacking! Take turns!


Greer was understandibly a little overwhelmed by all of the action.


Gift-opening bliss


Zeb and Grandma check out his new toy


Uh, Matt…you’re going to let your son play with that, right?


Neve loves her new Doc McStuffins doll


This little boy seems to want a puppy for Christmas! 



Kids table!

After dinner and some clean-up, it was back home to finish opening gifts!


A new bike for Greer! She loves it, and has had to remind her big brother that it is sized for her!


Wearing Dad’s hat to play


Showing Mom his new toy


Face-timing with Grandma Gloria in Itasca

Hope all of you had a Merry Christmas too!


Holiday Fun Follow-up – Christmas Eve 2011

Christmas came and went so quickly again this year, and we had a wonderful, wonderful time. I thought I enjoyed it as a kid, but experiencing it as a parent is a million times better! We get to enjoy some of the traditions I had growing up, and then we’ve made our own that make our celebrations all the more special.

What a dapper little fellow!

Cousin “rasslin'” as they say in Iowa!

Grandma with her two youngest grandkids!

And look over there! Here’s another one!

Babies playing by the tree

Santa made a very special visit to Grandma and Grandpa’s house

Here is Santa giving Alex some chocolate coins for being a good boy.

It’s hard to fool this one…he kept on wondering where Uncle Jimmy went!

This one loved the Christmas Eve cavatelli from Gino’s!

And, she liked sitting on Santa’s lap

The calm before the storm…


We took our holiday card photo on Sunday. We had a few outtakes, and were able to get Otto in the photo only because we used the timer on our camera and didn’t have someone taking the picture. He is basically useless if there is a photographer trying to get his attention and will run right out of the picture.

1. Click – camera is in the right position.

2. Click – make sure the snow is out of the way!

3. Click – oops, where is the dog?

4. Click – er, where is the mom?

Four Alarm Santa

One Saturday in December you can hear the fire trucks going up and down the streets. Santa rides with the firefighters and hands out candy canes and takes pictures with the kids. We missed him the first time he went down our street, so Dad set out to track him down. After much circling and searching, and even a trip to the fire station to see where Santa was, Dad figured that he had missed him. But by chance, he caught the fire truck and Alex was able to see him and the fire fighters! Even better, about a half hour later he came back down our street (doesn’t that figure!) 🙂