Yesterday we spent our morning in Adel, home of the Adel Sweet Corn Festival. We got up early for the 5k run, which we ran with our brother-in-law Jimmy. It got up to about 95 degrees, and the humidity was brutal. Even at 8 a.m., it was hot and windy when we started. We all finished, and Matt and I dropped our times, but boy, was it nasty in that heat! Aunt Morgan was there at the finish line with Alex to cheer us on.

Afterwards, we walked around the town square as the festival and parade were getting underway. (Look closely at the sign)

Red popsicle + White sunblock = Joker Toddler

Josh, Jenelle and little Barrett joined us, and we enjoyed some of the fare. We were there right when they opened up the free sweet corn line, so we were able to get hot, fresh, locally grown sweet corn right away. Awesome!

Matt cueing up in line with his plate for corn.

Volunteers serving up corn – according to the Register, they served over 7 1/2 TONS of sweet corn yesterday!

Butter and salting station

Jumping around!