Our big guy is 6 1/2 years old, and we did a little surprise cake for him. He was born on Thanksgiving, so it can be tricky to have a birthday party around that weekend. We kept it very low key, just family, and we wanted to give him a little reminder of how special he is to us, plus he has been a big helper around the house with the younger two. Happy Half Birthday, Alex, you’re a week away from being an official first grader too!




One month and then some…

I turned one month old on May 3! I like to try to lift my head up, eat, sleep, move my arms, and just basically get cuddled and held! Mom thinks that my eyes are going to stay blue like my brother and sister’s.


Big A and Little A


Alex doing his “All About Me” presentation at school.


Hmm…who should I call on to ask me a question?


All About Me…

I am special because…My parents love me

My favorite food…spaghetti, ice cream and pizza

My favorite sport…basketball

My favorite thing to do…play Skylanders (sigh)

My favorite color…red, green, blue, orange


Greer also wants to let you know that the snow is finally gone and it’s time to plant some flowers and veggies!