Little Firecrackers!

It’s no secret I love dressing the kids up in matching/coordinating outfits for the holidays. I’m not going to lie, it can be a huge ordeal. The cajoling, pleading and begging to get them dressed up, stay neat, to behave and look at the camera, smile, etc., well, it’s a lot. But when I pull up the pictures and start checking through them and have to wipe tears away because I can’t believe how beautiful they look and how sweet they are, I know it is all worth it. I can only imagine how much I’ll appreciate these as they get older and older and eventually have their own families. I only hope at least one of them is crazy enough to do this with their own kids!

But for every “perfect” photo that I manage to capture, there are tons (and tons) of outtakes that look like these:

Dad may have been messing around with firecrackers in this one…

Middle child mutiny…even making sure her arm is right up there so Mom can’t crop it without it looking weird.

And we had to get a few individual shots too:


In front of the chalkboard sign that Mom changed from “Happy 4th”.



Nothing is going to hold this kid down…nothing!


This one…he’s kind of my spoiled little baby!

Anyway, we hope you have a wonderful, star-spangled, fun-filled Fourth of July!