Beggin’ Time!

Tonight is Beggar’s Night in Des Moines, which means the kids get to trick-or-treat in the evening. The forecast said it would be in the mid-50s and sunny…it was in the low 40s, windy and spitting rain…not the most ideal weather. We made the best of it, and had a great time! Alex dressed up as a tank – and he kept the box on for two whole houses!

Mom had fun putting Jason and his ghostly gal pal on the front porch!

As you can see, Alex just…loved…his…costume…not…

And we’re off!

After 35 minutes and one block, Dad got to carry
1. the tank box
2. the treat bucket
3. the helmet
4. the child

We headed off to see Grandma Faye and Grandma and Grandpa for some more treats and pizza. We grudgingly put the tank costume back on for family members and then put on a show!


Early this week, Alex had Trunk-or-Treat at his school. People decorate the trunks of their cars and the kids get to trick-or-treat for each one. Every car has a theme, like the Wizard of Oz, Toy Story, and of course, this being Iowa – the Hawkeye Express! Alex wore part of his Halloween costume and went as an army guy.