FISHBRAI ’09: St. Mary’s

Last Friday, we traveled down to St. Mary’s and went to Immaculate Conception’s fish fry dinner. The cost was $7 an adult, $4 for kids, $20 limit for families. Everything was made from scratch by parishioners and was delicious! The fried fish was probably the best we have had so far. The dinner included cole slaw, mac and cheese, and onion rings.

Bonus point: they had a raffle for half a hog (so two halves were raffled). We bought a few tickets and would have loved to have had a pig roast in Truro if we would have won!

The verdict? Four BCs for almighty awesomeness!

This Friday, we go to our home parish of St. Francis of Assisi in West Des Moines for our final stop on the ’09 tour!

FISHBRAI ’09: Off Course

Bummer. Well, sometimes things don’t work out as planned. We had something come up and couldn’t attend St. John’s fish fry on Friday. We did, however, end up at the Waveland Tap in Booneville for a later dinner. They had fried catfish as a special, but I ended up splitting the Greek pizza instead. Which was a nice meatless alternative – olives, feta cheese, red onions and tomatoes. Tasty onion rings and cold beer topped off dinner.

Due to the lack of a spiritual environment, I’m using beer bottles to rate Waveland’s Friday night dinner. So, they get three beers!

Next week: we venture down to Immaculate Conception of St. Mary’s!

FISHBRAI ’09 Second Stop: Christ the King

Our tour continued on Friday as we headed over to the South Side for the Christ the King fish fry. Again, we really enjoyed ourselves and had a great time. CTK does a really nice job. It was $7 for adults, $4 for kids 12 and under. You had your choice of fried fish, baked cod or grilled salmon. We both went for the fried fish (I love salmon, but just wasn’t in the mood for it).

Alex got the cheese pizza. Included was corn, rolls, and your choice of baked potato or fried potatoes (not french fries), coleslaw or salad. The fish was good and had a definite beer-batter taste to it. Dessert was also part of the deal, and in my opinion, was the highlight of the meal – homemade strawberry shortcake! The shortcake was homemade – not one of those Hostess shortcake-cup-kind-of-like-a-Twinkie-tasting things. Awesome!

Some other big pluses about CTK’s fish fry:
– Everything was served on dishes and silverware.
– It was held in their parish hall, which had a cozier feel than the school cafeteria.
Big thumbs up to the gentleman who played the accordion throughout dinner. It created a nice, Italian restaurant kind of ambiance. As we snagged a table near him, Alex loved to watch him when he wasn’t playing with other kids.
– Beer was available in the can, for an extra $2

We apologize for not having any pictures, we were so busy talking with our table mates and keeping an eye on Buddy, that we didn’t get a chance to snap some photos.
Overall, we give Christ the King 4.5 BCs for the good food and extras!

Rating: Simply Saintly!

Next week, it’s the family sentimental favorite, Basilica of St. John. In my humble opinion, the most beautiful church in town!

FISHBRAI ’09 First Stop: Sacred Heart

We hit the Sacred Heart fish fry last night as the first stop on the FISHBRAI 2009 tour. SC holds their fish fry in the school cafeteria. Cost is $7 for adults, kids 3 and under are free. We did have to wait in line, but it was worth it. You had the choice of fried or baked cod, cheese pizza, baked potato or french fries and coleslaw. Drinks were water, lemonade and coffee. A bake sale provided desserts for an additional cost – proceeds go to the church youth group.

I was kind of surprised that there were not as many families there, but lots of seniors. Everyone was very nice and the volunteers kept asking if we wanted more water and lemonade. The fried cod was great and was well seasoned, the baked version was good as well. The cheese pizza — eh, not that fab, but it was more for the kids. Sides were solid and the desserts offered were fantastic. We got a bag of puppy chow for Alex to munch on while we waited in line for our food.

Our rating? It’s hard because it’s the first fish fry we’ve been to this year, so we are giving Sacred Heart a 3-4 BCs for “Delightfully Divine” (or 3.5 if you want to average it).

Next week: We travel to the South Side and try out Christ the King’s fish fry!


It’s Lent! Forty fun-filled days of reflecting, refraining and repenting! And for Catholics, it’s that time of the year we love to rub our guilt-ridden, suffering psyches onto the general public by NOT EATING MEAT ON FRIDAYS!!!

Yes, we love to show the world how “good” we are at suffering this time of year. But there’s a secret weapon…THE LENTEN FISH FRYS!!! It’s not hard to refrain from meat when you can go to your neighborhood church and pay a few bucks to feast on fresh, tasty, all-you-can-eat fried cod. Plus, during the Great Recession, it’s a cost-effective way to feed a family, support your church, socialize with friends, and enjoy a night out with the kids.

So, in honor of Fish Fry Fridays, we came up with a truly dorky idea. We are going to hit a different church fish fry every Friday for the rest of Lent. We’ll take photos and rate each one. We wanted to come up with a clever name that really captured the essence of our mission…but none came to mind (any ideas are welcome). To ensure the utmost accuracy, a scientific rating system has been devised:

The Buddy Christ Fish Fry Rating Scale

Each fish fry will be ranked on a scale of 1-5 “BCs”, with 1 being “Depths of Hell” to 5 being “Heavenly Perfection”.

Proposed Tour Schedule:

March 6 — Sacred Heart

March 13 — Christ the King

March 20 — St. John’s Basilica

March 27 — Immaculate Conception of St. Mary’s

April 3 — St. Francis of Assisi

Stay tuned…the first recap of Sacred Heart will follow!