I’ve been remiss…



And here’s why:

Andy is five months old (or was on September 3, which seems like a million years ago). He can sit up now, cut his two front bottom teeth, loves to eat his baby purees, “talks” and “talks”, he’s definitely the most vocal of all the kids. He is extremely alert, and will really watch what is going on around him. Solid as a rock, like his big brother was at that age. He is happy, healthy, adorable and perfect!






Practice twice a week, games on Saturdays. Whew!

Cub Scouts!

Chess club!

We are pretty full of activities here! Greer is taking a morning music class at the Y, so she gets her chance to have fun in addition to attending preschool. So much going on around here lately!



Grandma’s Jedi training camp


I keep imagining this music when they play with the light sabers: