The Freshmaker!


We’ve had intermittent internet access here the past few days due to the basement remodeling going on in addition to the holiday, so I haven’t been able to update the blog as much as I’d like to. This evening, we did something I have been wanting to do a long time…the Mentos Diet Coke Geyser Trick! It was easy and fun and no one lost a finger!


Miss Saucy and her pigtails!



The formerly fat 30 pound cat is taking a self nap…


And this amazing little guy is now three months old! How did this happen? How is he already a quarter of a year old? NO WAY! He is sitting up in the Bumbo chair, can hold his head up pretty well, likes to sit and watch the people around him, coos and “talks”, laughes and smiles. Started drooling which makes me think he will get his first teeth at four months like his brother and sister did. Happy, happy, little fellow. Such a joy to have in our lives!



Today is the day

We celebrated on Saturday, but Miss G’s actual first birthday is today!

She’s in full-on toddler mode, walking around, talking, laughing, playing with a big smile and infectious laugh.

What a wonderful, fun year it has been! She brings us so much joy everyday!

Happy Birthday, Greer!

Eleven Months

Sigh…can’t believe it, but this little lady turned 11 months old yesterday! We are rapidly coming up on a year! In the last week, she has made the transition to walking, leaving crawling behind.

She is a happy, healthy baby, who loves to watch her big brother, yet isn’t afraid to verbalize when he gets a little too grabby with her. She wakes up every morning with a big smile on her face and is ready to go!

She brings us so much joy, our cheery little Greery!

Beggin’ Time!

Tonight is Beggar’s Night in Des Moines, which means the kids get to trick-or-treat in the evening. The forecast said it would be in the mid-50s and sunny…it was in the low 40s, windy and spitting rain…not the most ideal weather. We made the best of it, and had a great time! Alex dressed up as a tank – and he kept the box on for two whole houses!

Mom had fun putting Jason and his ghostly gal pal on the front porch!

As you can see, Alex just…loved…his…costume…not…

And we’re off!

After 35 minutes and one block, Dad got to carry
1. the tank box
2. the treat bucket
3. the helmet
4. the child

We headed off to see Grandma Faye and Grandma and Grandpa for some more treats and pizza. We grudgingly put the tank costume back on for family members and then put on a show!

Goin’ to the chapel

Alex was the ring bearer in my cousin’s wedding on September 26. And I have to say first of all, that I was probably more nervous at their wedding than my own! Especially when a punchy little kid was running around full speed, laughing hysterically and rolling around on the ground not more than five minutes before the ceremony started. He pulled it together and was a champ and did a great job. Bribing a child with Thomas the Tank Engine toys usually has that effect. Unfortunately, I was in the back and Matt was up front and I forgot to give him our camera before so he could do the video and take pics. These are from the “dress rehearsal” on Thursday night when we picked up his tux.

Rehearsal on Friday – he got to meet the two little flower girls and check out his pillow. He got a toy for doing a great job that day too (see the reinforcement strategy here?) Walk down aisle, get toy!

This is why I did not really get any good pictures of him before the ceremony…we were running around at top speed in the sacristy five minutes before the ceremony started!

(going home so Mom and Dad can enjoy the reception!)

In the end, he didn’t want to be left out of getting to throw rose petals like the flower girls, so as we were getting him back to the pew, he grabbed the remaining petals on his boutonniere and threw them on the ground, leaving a lovely stem. The poor bout had already taken quite a beating during photos, so I was glad we were able to salvage it for the ceremony. Whew! Mom could then enjoy the reception…which she did! We had lots of fun and we were really honored that Eric and Katie included us in their special day – all the best to the two of you!