Electric Slide

I had a class this morning and Ankeny and let Alex play on the playground afterwards. He climbed right up and slid down the big slide by himself like a pro. Mom was nervously watching close by, but he did great and loved it! He then proceeded to repeat it about 7 times before I finally had to drag him back to the car to get home. I didn’t have my camera, so I used my cell phone. This kid is getting so big!

Awesome, Dude!

These videos were taken tonight so please excuse the darkness, we just couldn’t get over Alex saying the word “awesome” today. As I was buckling him into his car seat, it sounded like he said “awesome” so I said it and he repeated it…and kept on repeating it throughout the day. Tonight I decided to get him on camera saying it, and I said “Say awesome dude!” and lo and behold, he starts saying “dude!” Pretty cool — my son can’t talk in short sentences yet, but by god, he knows his slang! Priorities…