Garden Planting Time

We planned and planted our vegetable garden last weekend, and plenty of “Lars Banned” substances were included!

First box
Top left to right – Big Boy tomato, Fourth of July tomato, cherry tomato, pumpkin
Next row – yellow zuccini, acorn squash, okra, cantelope
Next row – basil, lavender, oregano, strawberries
Bottom row – jalapeno peppers, red bell peppers, spicy yellow wax peppers, strawberries

Second box
Top left to right – sweet corn, green beans, sugar snap peas
Next row – cucumbers, brussel sprouts, purple eggplant, broccoli
Next row -yellow onions, cabbage, watermelon
Bottom row – stevia, rosemary, yellow squash, green bell peppers

Boston lettuce was planted all along the edges of both boxes.

Not to be outdone by the grown-up garden, Alex got a Sesame Street gardening kit with watermelon seeds to plant. We are keeping track of the plants and their progress. Jerry Kluver, eat your heart out!


Alex got a hat, apron, garden trowel and watering can of his very own! He’s helping Mom out in the yard…

Check out his “handiwork” –

We love to just sit out on the deck and relax…here is Mom’s favorite beverage of the summer…Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy. Wheat ale with lemonade!