My favorite tree

We’ve got over twenty trees in our yard (yes, I’ve counted), and I love all of them for the shade and beauty they provide, not so much the piles and piles of leaves they produce in the fall. The first owner of our house told Matt that he made a point of planting all native Iowa trees in our yard. Well, the last owner planted a ginkgo tree, which is native to China. It is my favorite tree because I love the distinctive fan-like leaves.

Our ginkgo has survived an accidental snapping a few years ago (check the base where you can see where it broke) and has recovered nicely. I’d love to see it grow really, really big!


Meet the new babysitter…

Just kidding, but Alex loves to play the ShapeBuilder game on my iPhone. Best $0.99 spent in quite some time, it keeps him busy when I am shopping or trying to do something else. It’s very cool!

Saturday, I did the wus version of Dam-to-Dam, known as the 5K run. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it. I managed to take one pic with my phone as I was leaving. It was the 30th anniversary, so they had a lot of people, just under 10,000 total who participated in both the 20K and 5K. The 20K is cool because it starts up at the Saylorville Dam and goes into the city. You can see the skyline as you run towards downtown. I hope to try it next year, but I will need to actually get out and run more than once or twice a week.

Also, we can finally quit trudging through the garden from the deck to the yard…this is now the quickest and most direct way out there. Plus, a little mulch can spruce up anything!